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Pain Medicated Sleep


At every sundown we feast on every moment and get lifted up so high we could die 

In your smile angel we'll be happy waves of light 

Perverting eyes from now till morning and wringing pleasure dripping from our minds
But nightmares find you alone and weak


In dark winter I find myself alone missing pieces, missing things I’ve thrown out and trashed. 

Loving faces, dreams, gifts from God. 

Time young, people buried, out of reach gone.

Nightmares find you alone and weak


Aching for another chance to sleep.

Waiting on another chance to comfort me.

Tensing to a high intensity. 

Wasting all the beauty that’s escaping me.


 Another sundown armed to the fucking teeth again

What was broken has since been reborn tonight

Angle we'll be happy waves of light. 

I’m alive it’s no tragic story.  I’m just taking out what’s left inside. 

But nightmares find you alone and weak. 
Nightmare why?  How alone are we?